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Grace = I can wear heals!

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woman in blue denim skinny jeans and black stiletto shoes

For an American woman, I am not that tall. According to a quick and totally reliable Google search, I am exactly the national average of 163 cm (approx. 5 feet and 4 inches). However, this compared to the same extraordinarily scholarly quick Google search, the average Japanese woman is 158 cm (approx. 5 feet, 2 inches), which means that I am usually one of the tallest women in the room.

This has been my experience, and as I happen to also be Caucasian, standing out,
(pun intended) even more than I naturally do, is something I have tried to avoid. (Perhaps I should mention I live in Japan)

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Thought Fractals

I have so much on my mind. I am not sure where to start. When thoughts are a tangled ball of yarn how does one even begin to untangle them. How does one ball up the yarn into order where one doesn’t even know where an end of the string is. Is this metaphor unreliable because thoughts have no “ends” to their “string.” I have so much on my mind I do not even know the entirety of the content on my mind.

Where to start. I don’t know.


That point is my starting point.

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