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Free Food!

When multiple values align, I must share! Free Rice is a free app helps one lean and donate food to charity for free!

What it is & How it works

Free Rice is part of the World Food Program and uses kid friendly adverizements to generate income to feed the world’s hungry.

Every right answer generates the monetary equivalent of 10 grains of rice, though the money is used on other types of food that take into account a region’s nutritional needs and culinary culture.

In a nutshell, you get to play an educational game and feed hungry people at the same time.

Learn to earn!

Educate so others can masticate.

One can play anonymously or create an account to track how many grain one earns over time. If you do decide to create an account, I’d love to have you join my group:

Group name: Righ Rice Paddy Group Code: B8G4JDPY

All you need do is enter the group code in here and you are in! You get to keep all the rice you earn but your total will also be included in the community’s earnings and you can compete for top spot. I was number one until incredible student of mine dethroned me in my own group! I’m so proud!

My Review

Even as a native speaker of English with a degree in English education the hard category in the English section was delightfully challenging and the easy level my intermediate ESL students could enjoy. The app will progress automatically to a more difficult level after so many correct andeers in a row. The English grammar category addresses common grammar as errors that native speakers struggle with as well as spelling and punctuation. Though some of the spellings are done the Canadian way as the organization is Canadian based. For example, World Food Programme is correct spelling for Canada. However in American English the correct spelling is World Food Program. I love using that feature as a bell ringer in my ELA classroom. I also leave up the program during bells so that students can play, learn, and earn some knowledge and food for others during the bells. It’s quite engaging. The only feature I see that should be improved is that Japanese be added to the world languages section.

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How to Call a Japanese Cell Phone from Overseas

You got a cellphone in Japan! (Did you get SoftBank or au? I like au for two reasons unrelated to the actual phone. One, au represents gold from the periodic table of elements (coming from the Latin word for gold: aurum). Two, the company has spectacular commercials involving famous Japanese fairy tale characters.) 

Now you would like to give your cellphone number to your friends and families overseas so you can Face Time, etc. Yet, how does one call a Japanese cell phone from an overseas phone?

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Doing in Order to Do

“I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it.”

― Vincent Van Gogh

This quote describes me and blogging perfectly. I hope my readers will enjoy my growth process as much as my content.

What are you currently doing in order to do?

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Tea Party

I wrote this poem during my high school days when I was in my third depression, and when I found what an incredible healing tool writing could be. The 14th stanza (I’ve put it in bold.) has become a mantra for me when life splits at the seams.

(Woab! I just had a metacognition flash typing that paragraph: The act of finding something beautiful in a terrible time reflects the poem’s message itself. I found writing in my depression. [Oh, the isometric beauty!])

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Unbound by Time or Place

The internet is incredible. This tool allows anyone to be unbound by culture or the time they happen to be born in.

I am able to research other time periods and cultures from my living room and dive into the sounds of the 50’s while simultaneously enjoying the aesthetic of kimono fabric.

As this blog is both a personal growth platform for myself where I can build back the practice of writing, I also see this internet tool as a way to simply share what I love.

I didn’t know I had been collecting Philosophical Art until writing the respective post about the Crack Pot’s Opus brought that out of my subconscious. (This power to transfer that from the subconscious into the consciousness is something I enjoy about writing. I love learning about what I know that I didn’t know.)

I, therefore, wish to share what suppose it would be an anthology of all things beautiful, lovely, and or just splendid. Of course, what is shared is going to be beautiful, lovely, and splendid according to my individual filter. I cannot label something as such with someone else’s definition.

To illustrate, I half believe in the phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” I believe this phrase in the realm of tastes, but I believe the realm of tastes to be inside a larger intrinsic spiritual property that manifest, incarnates and transcends into our world. This property has real requirements to it.

There is an is, but what that is is is hard to say. The closest I can come to it in words is only long-winded odes that are more examples than an actual definition.

Yet, I will dance around the definition with examples hoping that in doing so the connotations will bring me to a denotation. Hopefully, the exemplars will help me define such a Virtue.

I adore the Virtues as I believe they are the identifiable characteristics of God. When I see it, I know. I feel God, but I also know that not all operate on the same frequency as I do (the realm of taste.)

I am curious to meet others who do see God’s transcendence through the same channels of beauty as I.

What are you like? Are we spiritual bosom friend? I want to use this wonderful internet tool to connect with others.

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Thought Fractals

I have so much on my mind. I am not sure where to start. When thoughts are a tangled ball of yarn how does one even begin to untangle them. How does one ball up the yarn into order where one doesn’t even know where an end of the string is. Is this metaphor unreliable because thoughts have no “ends” to their “string.” I have so much on my mind I do not even know the entirety of the content on my mind.

Where to start. I don’t know.


That point is my starting point.

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