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Free Food!

When multiple values align, I must share! Free Rice is a free app helps one lean and donate food to charity for free!

What it is & How it works

Free Rice is part of the World Food Program and uses kid friendly adverizements to generate income to feed the world’s hungry.

Every right answer generates the monetary equivalent of 10 grains of rice, though the money is used on other types of food that take into account a region’s nutritional needs and culinary culture.

In a nutshell, you get to play an educational game and feed hungry people at the same time.

Learn to earn!

Educate so others can masticate.

One can play anonymously or create an account to track how many grain one earns over time. If you do decide to create an account, I’d love to have you join my group:

Group name: Righ Rice Paddy Group Code: B8G4JDPY

All you need do is enter the group code in here and you are in! You get to keep all the rice you earn but your total will also be included in the community’s earnings and you can compete for top spot. I was number one until incredible student of mine dethroned me in my own group! I’m so proud!

My Review

Even as a native speaker of English with a degree in English education the hard category in the English section was delightfully challenging and the easy level my intermediate ESL students could enjoy. The app will progress automatically to a more difficult level after so many correct andeers in a row. The English grammar category addresses common grammar as errors that native speakers struggle with as well as spelling and punctuation. Though some of the spellings are done the Canadian way as the organization is Canadian based. For example, World Food Programme is correct spelling for Canada. However in American English the correct spelling is World Food Program. I love using that feature as a bell ringer in my ELA classroom. I also leave up the program during bells so that students can play, learn, and earn some knowledge and food for others during the bells. It’s quite engaging. The only feature I see that should be improved is that Japanese be added to the world languages section.

Translation Tip

Translation tip: If you are reading a sentence in English/ Japanese and are unsure of what it says, identify the subject and then try reading the sentence backwards and the grammar will be much more akin to your native tongue.

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How to Call a Japanese Cell Phone from Overseas

You got a cellphone in Japan! (Did you get SoftBank or au? I like au for two reasons unrelated to the actual phone. One, au represents gold from the periodic table of elements (coming from the Latin word for gold: aurum). Two, the company has spectacular commercials involving famous Japanese fairy tale characters.) 

Now you would like to give your cellphone number to your friends and families overseas so you can Face Time, etc. Yet, how does one call a Japanese cell phone from an overseas phone?

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