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I feed on ideas, specifically my souls does. I gain so much energy from endless scrolling through Pinterest gathering filling inspiration.

I find myself stuck in the ideas though. I want to take everything that my soul has been consuming and turn it into really, to click that I tried this button.
From experiences past, I know that once an idea is manifested through work, care, and creativity the virtue of pride (the healthy kind) descends and turns the ecstasy filled meal into wholesome soul nutrition. Peace is the resonating note that I push back from the table with.

It is the place in between the inspiration and the creation that I struggle: the process. I do not enjoy it and this zoomed out into a larger scale in my life because life’s journey is the destination.

As I am aware, I wish to change, but I do not know how. I am constantly sucked back into my default subconsciously, to become aware again and again to try and remedy this existential dilemma.

I am seeking advise. How do I enjoy the alchemy of changing and idea into really and how do I enjoy the destination’s journey? Please teach me how to enjoy the alchemy.

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