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ようこそ Welcome

What is It is a place for resources, education, and inspiration for those who straddle the American and Japanese worlds.

My name is Kendra Migita. I’m a military brat turned ex-pat in Okinawa, Japan. I am cultivating this corner of the internet as a legacy for my family, resources, education, and inspiration for those who straddle the American and Japanese worlds. The inspiration of my domain name comes from the translation of my Japanese married name: Migita= Right Rice Paddy.

私の名前は右田ケンドラです。私は父の仕事のおかげで、日本の沖縄に子供として連れて行かれました。私は、このオンラインスペースを私の子供たちの遺産として、そしてアメリカと日本の世界にまたがる他の人々のためのリソースとインスピレーションとしてして作成している教師とママです。私のドメイン名のインスピレーションは、私の日本人の結婚した名前の英語の翻訳から来ています:右田= Right Rice Paddy。

Expertise 専門知識

English Language Arts

I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Education and Reading from Purdue University. Since then, I have earned certifications in speech, journalism, humanities, and Japanese as a Second Language.



English as a Second Language

I have extensive experience teaching ESL. Additionally, I was the head of the English department and curriculum development at English conversation school.



Japanese as a Second Language

I started learning Japanese in middle school. After emigrating to Japan for work, I earned my Japanese as a Second Language certification.




I have no formal qualifications in gardening. Everything that I know comes from spending time in nature, research, and many experiments.



Let’s learn and grow together.


My name is Migita. It means right rice paddy. I’m a teacher who loves my family, gardening, and anything from A-Z & あ-ん. 右田です。教師です。 私の家族とガーデニングとA-Z&あ-んの何でも大好きです。

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