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How Can I Help? Freebies!

Parents are stressed. Teachers are stressed. I know because I am a parent and a teacher. I have also learned that if I find a tool that helps me, it may also be a benefit to others.

Therefore, I’m providing a free resource to help those thrust into telework due to COVID-19.

This desktop wallpaper organizer specifically helps with task prioritization. Place the apps, files, etc. on the screen under the relevant category. Do that which is in the left columns first.

Desktop Wallpaper Organizer: Minimalist Chalkboard

FREE! Desktop Wallpaper Organizer

Additionally, I plan on making more free resources available as time, energy, and my toddler allow. Please check out my Shop turned Freebies! 

How are you helping during the COVID-19 crisis? 


My name is Migita. It means right rice paddy. I’m a teacher who loves my family, gardening, and anything from A-Z & あ-ん. 右田です。教師です。 私の家族とガーデニングとA-Z&あ-んの何でも大好きです。

3 thoughts on “How Can I Help? Freebies!

    1. Old is relative and beautiful. You just helped me, by engaging on my blog and I am sure you are indispensable to your wife. Have a healthy quarantine.

      1. With old, I meant what the young ones and officials say. We eat healthful food, walk daily, if weather allows it. My wife is learning Italian and I continue with blogging! I am glad that you loved my comment.

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