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Homophone Horrors

The butterfly pea flower makes a lovely purplish-blue drink which turns pink if citrus is added.

Butterfly pea

Makes an excellent tea,

Unless you are three.

Then butterfly pee

Sounds rather nasty,

And will make you scream,

“No, no, mommy!”

There is hardly a taste to the tea. The color is what makes it fun. I think it would be fun to make natural “rainbow lemonades.”

What is a homophone that lead to a mishappeing to your life?

My name is Migita. It means right rice paddy. I’m a teacher who loves my family, gardening, and anything from A-Z & あ-ん. 右田です。教師です。 私の家族とガーデニングとA-Z&あ-んの何でも大好きです。
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