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Grace = I can wear heals!

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woman in blue denim skinny jeans and black stiletto shoes

For an American woman, I am not that tall. According to a quick and totally reliable Google search, I am exactly the national average of 163 cm (approx. 5 feet and 4 inches). However, this compared to the same extraordinarily scholarly quick Google search, the average Japanese woman is 158 cm (approx. 5 feet, 2 inches), which means that I am usually one of the tallest women in the room.

This has been my experience, and as I happen to also be Caucasian, standing out,
(pun intended) even more than I naturally do, is something I have tried to avoid. (Perhaps I should mention I live in Japan)

This has led to a self-imposed rule I created in high school of “no heals.”

However, I really like heels. I like the way they make me feel when I walk. I like their empowering click. I like the chic professional dose they add to my step and posture, and intern my mood.

Therefore, as this is the self-imposed “Year of Grace,” I am superimposing my old rule and going to give these kicks a try.

If you’d like these chic pair of kicks for yourself, here is an affiliate link.

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